Strengthening Bonds


The Pre-Raphaelite Experiment was set to up to discover what Manchester Art Gallery’s Pre-Raphaelite collection means to the people of Manchester. Throughout the experiment schools have been coming to the gallery to take part in workshops held by gallery educators, who went on to visit the schools for follow up sessions. Both pupils and teachers have had the opportunity to  make creative responses to the paintings, which have been displayed in the Ford Madox Brown Exhibition and The Pre-Raphaelite Experiment Gallery.  As the workshops draw to a close, the teachers who have been involved in the experiment met to evaluate the project.

Reflecting on the ‘Magic Moments’ of the experiment, it became clear that many bonds have been strengtened throughout the process.

‘The pupils have really enjoyed working closely with the artists and connecting with the paintings on display at the gallery.’ – Teacher

‘The experiment has made the gallery more accessible to children in terms of being able to relate to the paintings and the themes they explore. ‘ – Teacher

‘Parents have been thrilled to get involved and leave their comments on the blog. The students have also continually been revisiting the blog to leave their comments.‘ – Teacher

 ‘It’s great to see the pupils work on display at the gallery and be able to share it with the people of Manchester. On our visit to the gallery the pupils even asked members of the public their opinions of the paintings, so it’s been a great opportunity to bring people of all different ages together.’ – Teacher

‘It has strengthened the teacher and pupil bond, particularly as the students saw our work displayed in the Ford Madox Brown Exhibition. They were in awe of it and shocked to see their teachers work on display.’ – Teacher

‘It has changed class dynamics for the better. Pupils who have had difficulty getting along previously are now working well together because they have been able to bond through the project.‘ – Teacher

In the final part of the session the teachers created their very own Journey Timelines, which included the inital anxities of the project right through to the enjoyment of learning new artists skills and building the confidence to visit the gallery and lead their own sessions.








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