• The difference within …

    Using a tent as a canvas, Year 10 BTEC students from Our Lady’s RC High School worked with artist Amanda McCrann to embellish their inner emotions to the interior and used the exterior to represent physical
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  • Inspired by The Bower Meadow.

    There are angels in heaven. There are angels on earth. There all around us just waiting to be found.   Men want her, Women want her. Everyone wants the angel
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  • Pre-Raphaelite inspired colour themes

    “The picture shows life in the fish where they happy together ith brightness  and sharpness in a relaxing background.” “This painting took weeks to do. It was an introduction into
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  • Inspired by The Pre-Raphaelites

    The Pre-Raphaelite influence in this picture are the child’s innocent gaze, large eyes a general feeling of peacefulness as in many  Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

  • Pre-Raphaelite Ideas in a Contemporary Hand.

    Graphic artist James Pollitt worked with adults in four workshops to investigate ideas and themes from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in relation to people’s contempory lives. Participants considered the calligraphy and
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  • Creative Writing Workshops

    Poet and creative writer Tony Sheppard worked with adults in four workshops to help them create their own written responses to the paintings in the Pre-Raphaelite Experiment. Each session started
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